“As much as coaching can be tough, stretching and
     challenging, it’s not ‘heavy’. Becoming more aware is
           equally a lighthearted, fun and enjoyable process!
                                            We laugh a lot along the way!”
                                                                                – Renate
“If it wasn’t for your coaching, your patience and your enlightening and humourous perspective on my behaviour, my relationship would never have survived! My previously volatile relationship has completely transformed into one of deep understanding, love and commitment.” – DB, 37, Branch Manager

“Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday. What a revelation! I have been raving about it all day and
have recommended a friend to see you.” – Dr HG, 59, Psychologist

“I arrived confused and totally unfocused, without a clear idea or vision of where I wanted my company
grow to. Renate helped me identify and actualise the way forward. I was amazed to see how perceived
obstacles disappeared immediately!” – MK, Managing Director

“The process we did shifted my whole perception. This is major for me, you have to understand!
Powerful! And the repercussions continue to unfold in other areas of my life.”
– DF, 45, Montessori teacher

“You are a blessing to me. You have saved me. Life is starting to make more sense to me. I’m
not as confused. I still have a lot of work to do, but at least now I’m optimistic about the life.
Thank you so much.” – BM, 34, Beauty therapist

"Renate is an amazing woman and a genuinely dedicated coach. Her deep, perceptive insight,
together with her amazing creativity, makes her coaching fun, powerful, exciting and highly
effective. I have gained a huge amount from her coaching. In fact, I can’t recommend her highly
enough. She will change your life! - RJ, Motivational Speaker
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Renate Landman