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Renate Landman is a personal coach to individuals and corporate teams, workshop facilitator and inspirational speaker. Her unique approach has evolved into a powerful mix, combining
her extensive training with three coach training institutes and her training with
Dr John F Demartini.

Renate says,
“I continue to be amazed by the power we have to create engaging, meaningful lives
and produce extraordinary results when we choose to live from our deepest and
most authentic values.

If we build from our core, choose consciously, commit, and take action, I believe
we can all have the lives we want and work that is engaging and enlivening.

My coaching relationships reach into corporations and homes.
The relationships are dynamic and the results extraordinary. Let
me support you to live your passion and gain the fulfillment you
                                      “My mission is to help others live conscious,
                                                     empowered and inspired lives.”
Renate Landman